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2022 Symposium

Ubiquity symposium is an organized debate around a proposition or point of view. It is a means to explore a complex issue from multiple perspectives. An early example of a symposium on teaching computer science appeared in Communications of the ACM (December 1989).

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Ubiquity Symposium: Workings of Science

Table of Contents

  1. Ubiquity: Editors Weigh On The Workings Of Science by Peter Denning 
  2. The Paradoxical Faces of Science by Peter Denning 
  3. Can Mankind Survive Scientific Illiteracy? by Philip Yaffe 
  4. Character Traits of Science by Peter Denning and Philip Yaffe 
  5. Is Science Limited to Science? By Philip Yaffe
  6. AI in 2156: The Science of Intelligence by Kemal A. Delic and Jeff A. Riley 
  7. Is Engineering Applied Science? by Sharad Sinha 
  8. Trust in Science and Mathematics by Jeffrey Johnson and Andrew Odlyzko 
  9. Debunked Software Theories by Walter Tichy 
  10. How Software Engineering Research Became Empirical by Walter Tichy