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Become an Editor

Would you like to become a Ubiquity editor? Add your eyes and ears to those of our panel? Help our readers envision the future more vividly? Here is what we are looking for.

First and foremost, we want editors who are good writers. Our editors are contributing editors as well as reviewing and soliciting editors. We want writers who are good at seeing in the present the seeds of a possible future, and showing readers those seeds and the fruit they may one day bear.

Second, we want people who will make the basic Ubiquity editor commitment: Be responsible for at least two published items a year. This responsibility can be exercised by

  1. soliciting items and seeing them through to publication,
  2. taking charge of a unsolicited submitted item until it is published,
  3. interviewing someone who is creating an interesting future, or
  4. writing a Ubiquity commentary as a contributing editor.

We ask our editors to join our monthly one-hour editorial board calls, normally held on the first Thursday of the month at 11:00am Eastern time. We discuss status of our pipeline, opportunities for improvement, trouble spots, and ideas for future articles.

We ask our editors to check in with the Ubiquity Manuscript Central site once a week and provide an occasional short review for pending items in their interest areas. We aim for quick decisions about submissions.

We ask our editors to monitor the Ubiquity blog and occasionally post short items there.

We audition editors by reviewing one of their published items that meets the editorial objectives of Ubiquity or by publishing one of their new items in Ubiquity.

For a complete description of the editor's role and duties, please read the Ubiquity Editor FAQ [PDF].

If you are interested, please contact us at