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Organize a Symposium

A Ubiquity symposium is an organized debate around a proposition or point of view. It is a means to explore a complex issue from multiple perspectives. Its purpose is to reveal the many sides of a complex issue and promote learning about the issue.

A symposium is a set of papers, beginning with a position paper (max. 2500 words) by a protagonist, followed by 5-10 commentaries (max. 2500 words) by antagonists, and ending with a closing statement (max. 500 words) by the protagonist. The symposium organizer begins with a short symposium overview (max. 250 words) and a table of contents to help orient the readers. The protagonist's closing statement will emphasize what was learned from the exchange and minimize rebuttals to individual responders.

The papers in the symposium will be released weekly until the close of the symposium.

If you are interested in organizing a symposium, send a proposal that includes a title, draft of the organizer's introduction, protagonist, and names of several antagonists, to

To read Ubiquity's symposia, see the Symposia page.