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Peter J. Denning, Editor in ChiefThe digitally connected world has become a large, swirling sea of information stripped of context. We help our readers make sense of it, find meaning in it, learn what to trust, and speculate on our future.

Peter J. Denning,


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A conversation with Santiago Montesdeoca: how current 3-D computer animations are constraining individual creative expression

Interviewed by Bushra Anjum

In this series of interviews with innovation leaders, Dr. Bushra Anjum, sits down with Dr. Santiago Montesdeoca to discuss the evolution of the animation industry; as well as the aesthetic constraints creatives face when reconciling their personal artistry with commerce and trends. ...

Communication Corner

How to avoid death by powerpoint: Steve Jobs' secret weapon

by Philip Yaffe

Each "Communication Corner" essay is self-contained; however, they build on each other. For best results, before reading this essay and doing the exercise, go to the first essay "How an Ugly Duckling Became a Swan," then read each succeeding essay.

Bite the bullet and learn how to organize your presentation slides to get the greatest effect.



Cybersecurity is not very important

June 2019
by Andrew Odlyzko

There is a rising tide of security breaches. There is an even faster rising tide of hysteria over the ostensible reason for these breaches, namely the deficient state of our information infrastructure. Yet the world is doing remarkably well overall, and has not suffered any of the oft-threatened giant digital catastrophes. This continuing general progress of society suggests that cyber security is not very important. ...


An interview with Lana Yarosh: confronting social isolation with the help of technology

June 2019
Interviewed by Bushra Anjum

In this series of interviews with innovation leaders, Ubiquity Associate Editor and software engineer, Dr. Bushra Anjum, sits down with Prof. Lana Yarosh of the University of Minnesota to discuss geophysical and emotional distances as they relate to social disconnection and our evergrowing dependence on technology.