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2020 - August

  • Myths and realities of writing for the web

    Each "Communication Corner" essay is self-contained; however, they build on each other. For best results, before reading this essay and doing the exercise, go to the first essay "How an Ugly Duckling Became a Swan," then read each succeeding essay.

    It is often said that the advent of the World Wide Web has changed everything, including how people read texts and therefore how writers should write texts. Don't believe it. Good texts written for the web are essentially the same as good texts written for print.

  • A conversation with Gürkan Solmaz: situation classification in the internet of things (IoT)

    In this interview, Ubiquity's senior editor Dr. Bushra Anjum chats with Dr. Gürkan Solmaz, a senior researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany, about his work focused on building new situation classification frameworks for smart cities (IoT). They then discuss the three major design aspects for such systems, namely, certainty, efficiency, and privacy.