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2006 - August

  • New approach to designing GPRS location update function
    Wireless IP network has attracted significant interest due to their ability to support both voice and data transfer in mobile communication. One of the main issues concerning such network is the analysis and design of mobility function particularly the location management. In this paper, we focus on modelling location update function in wireless network standard GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) by using an agent approach [1].
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA) a new paradigm to implement dynamic e-business solutions
    Software development has undergone various stages of paradigms - the very last one is called Object-Oriented (O-O) paradigm. Typical of this paradigm has been culminated by several OO programming languages such as C++, Java and VB. With the advent of Internetworking and evolvement of web technologies, business needs, especially isolated service requests/components, put a new demand on new software architecture. Existing models are examined in the light of their constraints and limitations to meet these constant changing business requirements. Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), as the next generation software architecture and through the utilization of the web service, XML and other related technologies provides viable working solution to implement dynamic e-business. This paper discusses SOA model and how it fits into implementing dynamic e-business solutions.
  • Software implemented fault tolerance: The ESVP approach
    This short paper describes a low cost technique for gaining software implemented fault tolerance without using design diversity based N versions redundancy in both software and hardware. The proposed approach uses an enhanced single-version programming (ESVP) scheme for an application that executes on a single machine. ESVP employs triplicate application program along with multistage voting at inputs and outputs in order to tolerate single-point operational faults in input data, output data, an individual processing module and in an individual voting module through error masking. It is not aimed to tolerate software design bugs. This is a useful tool for designing a reliable low-cost application system.
  • Reflections on the philosophy of technology culture of technological reflection
    "Philosophers point out the liabilities, what happens when technology moves beyond lifting genuine burdens and starts freeing us from burdens that we should not want to be rid of." (Albert Borgmann)"The unintended consequences and dangers of technologization are real, and they deserve reflections and replies. Meanwhile the deeper danger of cultural and moral devastation goes unnoticed and is to some extent eclipsed by attention to the overt dangers (which, to repeat, need to be addressed forthwith)." (Albert Borgmann)
  • Mosquito attack optimization
    Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Optimization are the classical areas of researches in the field of Computer Science. Computer Scientists are trying to map the Biological and Natural Solution with the Artificial one, since last 2 decades. Finally, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Genetic Programming (GP) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN), ACO[13], etc were derived from the Biological, Genetical and Natural characteristics of the living organisms.We have developed a population based stochastic optimization technique inspired by social behavior of Mosquito (Female). This research will open a new side of 'Particle Swarm Optimization', in future.