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Reflections on the philosophy of technology culture of technological reflection

Ubiquity, Volume 2006 Issue August | BY Arun Kumar Tripathi 


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"Philosophers point out the liabilities, what happens when technology moves beyond lifting genuine burdens and starts freeing us from burdens that we should not want to be rid of." (Albert Borgmann)"The unintended consequences and dangers of technologization are real, and they deserve reflections and replies. Meanwhile the deeper danger of cultural and moral devastation goes unnoticed and is to some extent eclipsed by attention to the overt dangers (which, to repeat, need to be addressed forthwith)." (Albert Borgmann)

[This article is available as a PDF only. It originally appeared on Ubiquity, Volume 7, Issue 29 (August 1, 2006 - August 7, 2006).]


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