acm - an acm publication

2004 - June

  • Software-based computing security and fault tolerance
    This article delineates a software approach to establish computing security and fault tolerance in various computing systems. This low-cost approach is useful to tolerate malicious code modifications and transient faults without additional costs for hardware and extra software versions.
  • Ann Kirschner on marketing and distribution of online learning
    Outside of business schools, the very word "marketing" makes most universities uncomfortable, as does the idea of students as customers. But the world of higher education is becoming increasingly competitive. Fathom, named for the double idea of comprehension and depth, was a milestone in the evolution of online learning and a prototype of where things are headed.
  • Protecting intellectual property rights through information policy
    In today's electronic world, an organization's intellectual property is sometimes its biggest asset. Much time and money can be saved, and frustration and litigation avoided if company policy dictates ownership and use of intellectual property.