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In memoriam
Edsgar Dijkstra (1930-2002)

Ubiquity, Volume 2002 Issue August, August 1 - August 31, 2002 | BY Ubiquity staff 


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World-renowned computer scientist Edsgar Dijkstra has died after a long struggle with cancer. His numerous honors and awards include the 1972 ACM Turing Award, and in his acceptance speech for that award Dijkstra remarked: "In their capacity as a tool, computers will be but a ripple on the surface of our culture. In their capacity as intellectual challenge, they are without precedent in the cultural history of mankind." Professor Dijkstra held the Schlumberger Centennial Chair in Computing Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, 1984-1999, and retired as Professor Emeritus in 1999.

The following tribute (which contains a copy of Dijkstra's photograph) was prepared by the University of Texas at Austin:


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