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An Interview with Frans Johansson
The Medici Effect

Ubiquity, Volume 2004 Issue October | BY Ubiquity staff 


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By exploring the intersections between different disciplines and cultures, one may discover the next groundbreaking ideas.

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Thanks Frans for the amazing spiritual grouth I´ve expirienced since i read your book! I still remember clearly the day that by chance I turned the TV on at my X home (i don´t like to watch TV so i don´t even have one), and there you were talking about the magic of the special intersections that change our life in such an amazing an unexplicable way.... I bought your book and did enjiy every bit of and ever since I´ve been mentioning it when ever i get the chance! Blessings from Jönköping!

��� Patriciainsweden, Tue, 29 Mar 2011 11:44:57 UTC

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