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2007 - October

  • RKPianGraphSort: a graph based sorting algorithm

    Sorting is a well-known problem frequently used in many aspects of the world of computational applications. Sorting means arranging a set of records (or a list of keys) in some (increasing or decreasing) order. In this paper, we propose a graph based comparison sorting algorithm, designated as RKPianGraphSort, that takes time Θ(n2) in the worst-case, where n is the number of records in the given list to be sorted.

  • Economic recognition of innovation
    Globalization has benefited the economies of member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) by helping their businesses stay profitable through cost-effective outsourcing of mostly garden-variety tasks ...
  • Computational foundations of image interpolation algorithms
    Image interpolation is an important image processing operation applied in diverse areas ranging from computer graphics, rendering, editing, medical image reconstruction, to online image viewing. Image interpolation techniques are referred ...
  • When it comes to E-learning
    E-learning is fast becoming a major learning and skills delivery method within larger companies as a staff development tool. Survey shows that among American colleges and universities in 2002, 11% ...