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GUI bloopers (book excerpt)
don't's and do's for software developers and Web designers

Ubiquity, Volume 2000 Issue May, May 1 - May 31 2000 | BY Jeff Johnson 


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GUI Bloopers: Don'ts and Do's for Software Developers and Web Designers
by Jeff Johnson

In this excerpt (Chapter 4 of the book), author Jeff Johnson focuses on "textual bloopers" made by Web designers: unprofessional writing, unfriendly messages and labels, and misleading window titles.

���� Here is what UNext President Don Norman (subject of one of the
Ubiquity interviews) says about the book: "If you are a software developer, read this book, especially if you don't think you need it. Don't worry, it isn't filled with abstract and useless theory -- this is a book for doers, code writers, and those in the trenches. It gives examples and reasons. It is sympathetic to those who must ship product, but unrelenting in its creed: focus on the users and their tasks, not on the technology. This is a user-tested book designed as a handbook -- the better to enhance its value. Buy it, read it, and take two sections daily."

The excerpt for
Ubiquity gives three sections -- so it should last you a day and a half.

Read Chapter 4 in PDF format.


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