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Computers versus Humanity: Do we compete?
The technological singularity (Ubiquity symposium)

Ubiquity, Volume 2014 Issue November, November 2014 | BY Liah Greenfeld , Mark Simes 


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Connection Failure


I recommend looking at progress in the field of Cognitive Science and the work by John R. Anderson, who is an acknowledged pioneer. He has been very successful along with his co-workers at developing quantitative models of how people perform tasks ranging from games, and simple algebra, to driving a car. These models provide accurate predictions for BOLD responses shown by brain scans taken when people are carrying out the tasks. In essence, we now have functional accounts for what different parts the brain are doing in symbolic terms. If this interests, you I recommend Anderson's book: "How can the human mind occur in the physical universe". We need more cross fertilization across research fields and less compartmentalization.

— Dave Raggett, Wed, 26 Nov 2014 16:05:51 UTC

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