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Ubiquity symposium: The science in computer science
how to talk about science: five essential insights

Ubiquity, Volume 2013 Issue March, March 2013 | BY Shawn Carlson 


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Simplified version for my kids: How to talk about science. 1) Why do science ? So you can take over the world ! And make better chocolate chip cookies. 2)What is science ? Science is a way of investigating the world. What does poking that button do ? And if you didn't take notes when it blew up, it wasn't science. 3)What is "doing science" all about ? Don't just imagine something might work,demonstrate that it does work. 4)What makes a scientist a scientist ? She is willing to admit she was wrong. 5)What is the scientist's motto ? The motto of any good lab rat is: Run ! Sniff ! And find out !

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