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The Law, the Computer, and the Mind
An interview with Roy Freed

Ubiquity, Volume 2012 Issue January, January 2012 | BY Gil Press 

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Roy New is the man that put togetther and explained how in fact minds and computers can work. Fact the plasma of the human body. called the free od man can be released and sothe a three diminational image can be seen with the mind. It would be like closing your eyes while there is a light shinning and tsill see the light with the top of you head. Most of this is known around the world. aand is practiced in some countrys. Most of what I taught was taken to the penagon and now we have the most elight fighting force nown to man kind. because the baddle feeld that we go to is studeid by satalights. And I helment that I had explain to some people. Which infact reaveals all of the people on the battelfeild before we even get there. It even lets you know who have weapons and who does not. Based on the body and the heat sencory that comes off of the body. Know this on the battle feilds alowes non combat people from getting shot and killed. AND THE WHOLE PROCESS IS EASY. AND CAN BE USED FOR IN SCHOOL LEARNING.

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