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Ubiquity symposium 'What is Computation?'
The evolution of computation

Ubiquity, Volume 2010 Issue November, November 2010 | BY Peter Wegner 


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In this second article in the ACM Ubiquity symposium on 'What is computation?' Peter Wegner provides a history of the evolution of comptuation. --Editor | 526: Invalid SSL certificate

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As usual, Peter Wegner wrote a vary interesting article. 2 suggestions. (1) As I am sure that the article will generate follow-up comments, consider starting a thread for each such article. Of course, we could comment directly to Peter, but this might generate more email than he would want. (2) Follow publication convention and give publishing data on books and articles referenced in these essays. I know, I can Google the titles, but giving the references is easier. Dick Swenson

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