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A prototype design for DRM based credit card transaction in E-commerce

Ubiquity, Volume 2008 Issue May | BY Sanjay Banerjee , Sunil Karforma 


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In E-Commerce credit cards gained popularity as a sophisticated payment mechanism. With the increase in credit card use on web, credit card fraud has gone up dramatically. Which cause customer's inconvenience and for merchant, loss of customers. To combat credit card fraud and to regain the customer's trust an attempt is made here to design a trust based payment system, in which the customer does not need to disclose his/her credit card number during the transaction, and hence they can feel safe. In this newly proposed system on behalf of the customer the bank or the issuer of the credit card is involved to perform the transaction. This is basically done by generating a single use 'token' by the bank which includes information about the customer, merchant, product, payment amount, date of issue and date of expiry etc. and thereafter wrapped as a DRM package. Among various advantages, one is that only the intended user and the specified application software can open the DRM package using special key. The application, thereafter, will take care of the rights imposed on the 'token' and expires itself after the single use. We have tried an attempt to use UML to design the model of such system, which is the recent trend of software engineering practice. | 526: Invalid SSL certificate

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