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Ubiquity, Volume 2008 Issue April | BY Ramesh Singh , Preeti Bhargava , Samta Kain 


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1. INTRODUCTION Pervasive Computing integrates computation in the environment rather than computers which are distinct objects. Other terms for pervasive computing ubiquitous computing, calm technology, things that think and everyware. In other pervasive computing means computers everywhere, making them available the physical environment while making them effectively invisible to the user. having a desktop or a laptop machine, the technology pervasive computing embedded in the environment. Ubiquitous technology is often wireless, networked making its users more connected to the world around them and the it. Through pervasive computing, users use today's digital tools like laptops, phones, PDAs, smartphones to communicate and exchange information in different and conceive and use the geographical and temporal spaces differently. In being an aspect of information dissemination, pervasive or ubiquitous computing global and local, social and personal, invisible and visible at the same time.

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