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Use of genetic algorithms for Indian music mixing

Ubiquity, Volume 2008 Issue March | BY Goldie Gabrani , Preeti Bhargava , Bhawana Bhawana , Gagandeep Singh Gill 


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Music has changed and evolved through time and time tells that it has always been for the better. In our study, we have implemented Genetic Algorithms for the generation of music by music mixing to provide willing music lovers, the first step to personalize music to suit their liking. A music loop library, containing a list of all tentative loops which are to be used in the remix production alongwith the parameters which define them, is used for this purpose. A loop is an endless band of tape or music allowing continuous repetition. These loops cover all the major music instrument families with particular emphasis on Indian musical instruments as they have been extracted from Indian songs after careful observation using a sound editor. The combinations of different loops for the analysis is run through genetic algorithms. Some important parameters of a loop from the point of view of music mixing are: Depth, BPM (beats per minute), length of the loop and type of the instrument. A fitness function is calculated for the genetic algorithm to rank various combinations of loops for the next generation. The best loop combination can be selected out of the final set of population. | 526: Invalid SSL certificate

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