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New design of the miniature microstrip antennas for mobile communications

Ubiquity, Volume 2007 Issue November | BY A. Ait Ouahman , R. Hilal , A. Latif 


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The aim of this paper is to study the miniature patch antenna (patch antenna λ/8) fed by a coaxial line, and the design comparison of this antenna by two methods: The Transmission Line Model (TLM) and the G-L-C Parallel Circuit Model. An adaptation of the microstrip antenna λ/8, by the setting up of a capacitor in the middle of the probe-feed is achieved.

The modeling and the design of the miniature patch antenna will be made by the TLM; a particular attention will be carried on the results got on the level of the bandwidth. The second part is based on the idea of microstrip patch antenna starting from the G-L-C Parallel Circuit Model, (by order of 14 %), which gives the bandwidth more interest than in the first method (TLM).

The results obtained by the two methods (Input Impedance, reflection coefficient, SWR and bandwidth) will be given by the programs in MATLAB software. | 526: Invalid SSL certificate

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