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The phenomenology of slowly-loading webpages

Ubiquity, Volume 2007 Issue April | BY Robert Rosenberger 


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For those of us who cannot afford a high-speed internet connection, the frustrating experience of waiting for a webpage to slowly open is all too common. As technology advances and our capacity to surf the web at greater speeds increases, the amount of information we are able to post upon pages also increases. So even when I have the opportunity to access the web from a high-speed connection while at work or on campus, I find myself still sometimes waiting for webpages to open. In this paper, I offer a description of this experience from the perspective of a tradition of philosophy called phenomenology. Through this everyday example, I will introduce a series of concepts articulated by contemporary philosophers which provide a context for understanding our experience of relating to the world through technological mediation. With these concepts introduced, I will continue with a review of current efforts by thinkers in this philosophical tradition to employ these ideas in the analysis of complex technologies.


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