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A life with computers

Ubiquity, Volume 2006 Issue December | BY J. Richard Swenson 


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Connection Failure


OMG! What an imagination. The only talent Dick Swenson ever had was in convincing people that he actually performed some useful function - that he actually did some work. The truth is that he is an incredible blowhard who just took credit for other peoples' work. This "space management system" that he is attempting to take credit for was entirely my work. I had one two minute conversation with him and now he is trying to make it look like he was the person responsible for the project. Notice how he doesn't remember any of the names of the people involved in his fictions? That's because the only person he ever cared about was himself. People who worked in the same office as he did just used to laugh at him. We were always amazed how he avoided getting fired for doing no work. What a truly despicable human being!

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