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Secure delivery of handwritten signature

Ubiquity, Volume 2006 Issue October | BY Debnath Bhattacharyya , Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay , Anindya Jyoti Pal 


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A number of researchers have proposed using digital marks to provide ownership (watermarking) identification for the property. One way of data hiding is digital signature, copyright label or digital watermark that completely characterizes the person who applies it and, therefore, marks it as being his property. Digital Watermarking is the process that embeds data called a watermark into an object such that watermark can be detected and extracted later to make an assertion about the object. Watermarking is either "visible" or "invisible". Although visible and invisible are visual terms watermarking is not limited to images, it can also be used to protect other types of multimedia object. Our research work is on watermarking techniques in particular.Many of these proposed techniques share three specific weaknesses: complexity of copy detection, vulnerability to mark removal after revelation for ownership verification, and mark integrity issues due to partial mark removal. This paper presents a method for watermarking Handwritten Signature that achieves robustness by responding to these three weaknesses. The key techniques involve using secure functions to generate and embed image marks that is more detectable, verifiable, and secure than existing protection and detection techniques.

[This article is available as a PDF only. It originally appeared on Ubiquity, Volume 7, Issue 40 (October 17, 2006 - October 23, 2006).]


the article "Secure delivery of handwritten signature

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