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Electronic scanning in space of the planar array of four patch antennas

Ubiquity, Volume 2006 Issue April | BY A. Ait Ouahman , A. Oulad-Said , A. Latif 


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The rectangular patch antenna is set to play a significant role in the development of the next-generation wireless communication systems. The purpose of this report is to provide the design of the rectangular patch antenna system by studying the performance of patch antenna array, and to achieve the electronic scanning in space of the radiation patterns by a four rectangular patch antennas plan array. The designed patch antenna square array will have an array of four elements and its performance will be evaluated in terms of radiation patterns.Results given by the MATLAB and PCAAD (Personal Computer Aided Antenna Design) software will be tabulated and antenna radiation patterns will be plotted for discussion before wrapping up with a conclusion and suggestion on future developments.

[This article is available as a PDF only. It originally appeared on Ubiquity, Volume 7, Issue 15 (April 18, 2006 - April 24, 2006).]


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