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  • How an ugly duckling became a swan

    The thrust of the "Communication Corner" is to offer step-by-step advice to help you become a better writer and speaker. However, perhaps the best way to get started is with some encouraging background. This first essay tells how Phillip Yaffe went from being a very poor writer and speaker to being a recognizably good one, almost despite himself.

    Practical, step-by-step advice to help you do the same will begin next month.

  • Screwbots
    Have you ever thought of lying to your smartphone to protect your privacy? Everyday we face a dilemma about privacy: We take advantage of apps that are able to use ...

  • Automated Car Woes---Whoa There!
    With all the growing interest in automated cars and driverless cars and recent accidents involving them, we thought we would turn to Risks founder Peter G. ...

  • Science, Reason, and Robots
    Science depends on logical reasoning. However, the conclusions one comes to intimately depend on the explicit, or more often implicit, assumptions on which the reasoning is based. ...