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How to Contribute to Ubiquity

Ubiquity aims to foster critical discussion and innovative thought among the entire computing professional community and help them think about the future. This site is a peer-reviewed magazine devoted to the future of computing and the people who are creating it. All contributions must have an orientation toward the future of computing.

You can contribute to Ubiquity in numerous ways: submit articles, papers, interviews, commentaries, symposia, opinion pieces, and blog posts. We do not accept research papers; use ACM journals and conferences for such papers.

We strongly encourage you to include at least one graphic or image in your contribution.

To submit an article, go to the Manuscript Central system for Ubiquity and follow the author submission protocol there.

Ubiquity articles are normally limited to 2,500 words, although for special cases the editors will consider items up to 5,000 words.

You can submit ideas for organizing a symposium or for interviewing interesting people about the future of computing. Please contact any editor with your ideas.

You can also submit blog posts. Your post will be reviewed by an editor prior to being released for publication. We look for a clear claim about an interesting topic, citations of evidence supporting your claim, and engagement of readers. Contact the blog editor, Rob Akscyn, if you wish to become a regular blogger in the regular rotation.

Editors will review all contributions. We reserve the right to edit for length, grammar, and style.

Authors submitting an article to Ubiquity automatically agree to assign a limited license to ACM if and when the article is accepted for publication. This license allows ACM to publish an article in Ubiquity and to include it in the ACM Digital Library.