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Peter J. Denning, Editor in ChiefThe digitally connected world has become a large, swirling sea of information stripped of context. We help our readers make sense of it, find meaning in it, learn what to trust, and speculate on our future.

Peter J. Denning,


Ubiquity Upgrades!



An interview with Bushra Anjum: learning to be a generalist is valuable to your career

Interviewed by Peter Denning

Dr. Bushra Anjum is a senior editor for ACM's web-based magazine Ubiquity. Her research background is in performance evaluation and queuing theory. She is also a trained data scientist, having worked extensively with predictive analytics. Anjum, a Fulbright Scholar, has previously held academic positions in the U.S. and Pakistan, and is a keen enthusiast of promoting diversity in the STEM fields. She is a mentor at Rewriting the Code, GlobalTechWomen, ReigningIt, Empowering Leadership Alliance,, Computing Beyond the Double Bind's mentoring network, and others. Dr. Anjum can be contacted via Twitter @DrBushraAnjum.


Communication Corner

The 7% rule revisited

by Philip Yaffe

Each "Communication Corner" essay is self-contained; however, they build on each other. For best results, before reading this essay and doing the exercise, go to the first essay "How an Ugly Duckling Became a Swan," then read each succeeding essay.

In this installment, Philip Yaffe debunks the myth of verbal versus non-verbal communication.



Banishing the fear of public speaking

October 2018
by Philip Yaffe

Everyone knows speaking in public will not result in painful or permanent impairment. But public speaking seems to be an ever-present threat. However if you write well, you will probably speak well. But if you write poorly, you will probably speak poorly. ...


Big data: big data or big brother? that is the question now.

August 2018
by Jeffrey Johnson, Peter Denning, Kemal A. Delic, David Sousa-Rodrigues

This ACM Ubiquity Big Data Symposium presented some of the current thinking about big data developments across four topical dimensions: social, technological, application, and educational. Big digital data has changed and will change the world in many ways. It will bring some big benefits in the future, but combined with big AI and big IoT devices creates several big challenges. These must be carefully addressed and properly resolved for the future benefit of humanity. ...