Doing Business With Leaks

Wikileaks has been the the news a lot lately. There has been plenty of discussion about whether the founder (Assange) has committed crimes or whether he was exercising free speech rights. That debate may go on for a while. Continue reading

Symposia on Ubiquity

We computing professionals are confronted with new and complex questions nearly every day. The events of the day move so fast that we do not have the chance to reflect on those questions and find new answers or even just new understanding. With the launch of the New Ubiquity, we are introducing a new feature, the Symposium. The editors will pose a question and invite a set of leading thinkers to reflect on it. We will publish their reflections. Their thinking may help you accelerate yours on that question. Continue reading

Giving Users Choice

Among video game designers and developers, “choice” is a consummate word.┬áMost game developers herald choice. Continue reading

Is the Web Dead?

With the iPhone’s popularity, and other phones following suit, “apps” have become almost as important to me as software, if not more important. More and more, I prefer and seek out tools that support the idea of truly ubiquitous computing. Continue reading